An attic, square meters hidden in your house!

By Camille Roth-WURTZ

Who has never dreamed of building a treehouse, a cozy nest in an unsuspected space and why not, a room in a heap with the head in the stars?

It is from this childhood dream that I decided to install a Parental Suite in the attic of my house of masters.

Skylight Skylight

From a tiny skylight and two small dark windows, I created roof openings, adding a canopy as a headboard, creating the illusion of sleeping under the stars in a king size bed. 125 inch

king size bed

An opening over the tub-islet allows you to enjoy the magnificent view of the castle of Haut-Barr by the fireplace!

To sublimate the height of 204 inch under ceiling, I have installed three openings allowing to forget the roof and to see only the clouds and birds passing over our heads.

The bathroom area, open to the rest of the room, also benefits from a generous opening that leaves us the freedom to appreciate all the details and subtleties of my decoration.

The bathroom sink, in black marble and 60 inch long, is placed on a white granite worktop, gives a luxurious note to this mountain atmosphere.

The mirror that emphasizes the room is custom made.

In the middle of the room, stands a wooden furniture that perfectly integrates the two chimney ducts that supply the house.

In this nifty piece of furniture, hidden doors are discovered in which granule bags, bed linen, and multimedia devices easily take their place in the utmost discretion.

he unexploited parts of the sub-slopes accommodate without false notes the dressing of madame and sir.

To give a warm side to this luminous space, I dressed the same wood, floor and ceiling. This 80 m² room is equipped with reversible air-conditioning and a pellet stove.

I paid particular attention to the play of light, allowing to enjoy the exceptional volumes of day and night.

We now take advantage of a parental suite that is exotic and soothing in the heart of the city in a Chalet atmosphere. My work won the 1st prize, in July 2010, proposed by the program "Combles de rêve" on TV channel France 2 among more than 800 competitors!

Thank you for sharing with me the story of my dream come true.